Announcing the 'Western Paddl Games' Series

Academy Jun 25, 2019

Western Sydney University and Paddl Co. are excited to announce a series of Paddl Games innovation challenges exclusively for WSU Students called the Western Paddl Games.

WSU Students will have the opportunity to work alongside a range of employers with an interest in the Greater Western Sydney region, including small to medium businesses and corporate organisations to solve real business challenges.

This series provides a great opportunity for our Students to connect with real businesses and further develop critical skills for the world of work.
Chris Youness, Director of Employability and Graduate Success WSU

These intense one-day Challenges are designed to deliver highly valued skills and experience to all participants, particularly those who are building out their experience profile, in readiness for employment. Participants will earn a unique competition badge for their experience profile. 🏅

Watch a recap of the first WSU x Paddl Challenge below...

Business focused challenges aim to provide significant value to local business participants. In exchange for their time, business leaders will have a selected team of WSU Students with a diverse range of skills, work to solve a nominated, business challenge.

Paddl ’s commitment to preparing talent for the future of work has led us to develop a methodology in the Paddl Games Challenges that enables participants to experience the challenges faced by employers and the role effective employees play in solving them.
Dominique Fisher, CEO of Paddl Co.
3 Western Sydney University students working at a Paddl Games challenge

🚀 What is a Paddl Games Challenge?

Paddl Games Challenges are one-day, hackathon-style events, where students and graduates work alongside local businesses, major corporations and industry professionals, to innovate solutions to real business challenges. These unique professional development opportunities allow participants to gain real workplace experience, put their theoretical skills into practise and expand their networks and professional connections.

Some benefits include...

✅ Work in a team with your peers from WSU

✅ Experience working with a real business on a real problem

✅ Learn and practice the Design Thinking Process

✅ Develop your communication and presentation skills

✅ Challenge yourself outside your comfort zone

✅ Build confidence in yourself and your skills

✋ How to Participate

Challenges will be announced throughout 2019/20 on, Paddl's Blog and throughout WSU internal and social channels.

To apply as a Challenger, you must be a WSU Student and apply using your experience profile. Click the link below to create your free profile.

Paddl | Ultimate Resume Builder with Experience Analytics
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🏪 Business Participants

If you represent a business or organisation in the Greater Western Sydney region and would like a group of talented local students to work with, please contact us at the below details.
03 9514 3000

Paddl Co.

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