Northern Territory National Innovation Games in Renewable Energy series

Games Feb 22, 2021

The Northern Territory Government, Industry Skills Advisory Council NT, National Energy Resources Australia and Darwin Innovation Hub have partnered with Paddl to deliver a series of three hackathon inspired challenges, as part of the National Innovation Games.

All challenges explore the overarching theme of 'Territorians discovering opportunity in Renewable Energy' and will address topics that include optimising energy use and hydrogen vehicles.

The growing renewable energy sector is critical to the Northern Territory's economy and NT's ability to meet the ambitious, but achievable target of 50% renewable energy by 2030. The series supports this commitment and further, provides a unique opportunity for emerging local talent and industry to connect.

Renewable energy | Australia’s Northern Territory

Each challenge will involve teams, comprised of a diverse cross-section of students and businesses, working together to embrace technology and innovate.

📅 Challenge Details

Challenge 1
Date: 25th March 2021
Location: Virtual (using online tools)

Challenge Topic #1: How might you use technology to assist businesses to better understand what is required to convert to renewables?

Challenge 2
Date: 22nd April
Location: Virtual (using online tools)

Challenge Topic #2: Soon to be announced.

Challenge 3
Date: 23rd June
Location: Darwin Innovation Hub, Darwin NT

Challenge Topic #3: Soon to be announced.

Five multi-disciplinary teams will brainstorm and develop practical solutions for the participating businesses, pitching their ideas to a judging panel for prizes! Solutions must be practical, scalable, implementable and designed to benefit the community.

Emerging talent will also have access to a 15-minute one-on-one Mentor Booth with an industry professional.

Innovation challenge participants in a Zoom meeting

If you would like to learn more about what's involved, check out 👇

What are Paddl Games?
Discover how Paddl Games drive innovation, growth, upskilling and employment opportunities for emerging talent and industry.

✋How to Participate

Emerging Talent

Students and graduates can apply through with their Paddl Profile and are encouraged to share the opportunity with their peers. To ensure an open and inclusive experience, teams will be selected by Paddl and will consist of a diverse range of backgrounds and skills including:

🌳  Sciences, Environment and Sustainability
🏗  Engineering, Building and Construction
✏️  Planning and Design
📡  Technology, Networking and Data
🏦. Business, Operations and Finance
💬  Marketing and Communications
⚖️  Arts, Law, Education and Social Sciences

Benefits include...

✅ Work in a diverse team with students from different Educators

✅ Learn how to use and apply practical skills for innovation and design thinking

✅ Develop crucial skills and equip yourself to work and learn in a virtual world

✅ Contribute to growth and innovation in your local region

✅ Build your professional network with businesses and government

✅ Gain invaluable industry exposure

Click the link below to view more details and apply  🔽

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🎯 Key Outcomes

  1. Take away practical solutions you can implement. Share in the IP of any ideas any team develops over the duration of the Challenge.
  2. Build new and or deeper networks with diverse thinkers committed to driving growth in the renewable energy sector.
  3. Take away media content and ideas for your own practice, business, marketing, social posts and records.
  4. Gain exposure to effective virtual platforms, facilitation of teams and events, and design sprint and hackathon methodologies.

If you represent a business or organisation and would like a group of talented local students to work with, please contact us at the below details.
+61 3 9514 3000

Françoise Hill

Talent Coordinator @ Paddl 💫 Curating experiences & helping talent develop critical skills to thrive in an ever-changing world 🌏 Passionate adventurer🛩 (44 countries & counting), life-long learner.

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