National Innovation Games with Australian Community Media

Games Feb 22, 2021

Australian Community Media (ACM) has partnered with Paddl to deliver the National Innovation Games for New South Wales.

The Challenge will look to strengthen the connection between local media, councils and their communities in light of recent reform that no longer requires councils to publish notices with local media. This, coupled with the impact of COVID-19, bushfires, drought and flood, creates an opportunity for community leaders to host a conversation on:

  1. Driving connectivity through innovation
  2. Strengthening community communications

Based on the Paddl Games model, this Challenge is one of up to 30 National Innovation Games to be delivered by Paddl, in partnership with the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA) and co-funder the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

📅 Challenge Details

Date: 18th March 2021
Location: Virtual (using online tools)

Challenge Topic: ‘Community Engagement for Business Growth: How might we create opportunities with technology and connection?’

❓What's involved

Teams will bring together representatives from 5 NSW councils, local small-to-medium sized businesses, students, graduates, PhDs and a dedicated Paddl Facilitator. Teams will reflect the local council areas of:

The Games will be held online using Paddl's selection of best-in-class tools Zoom, Slack and Miro. Teams will collaborate and innovate using design thinking methodology and the expertise of Innovation Lab Specialists.

Minderoo Foundation National Innovation Games Queensland

Teams will develop practical solutions for the participating businesses and present their solutions to a judging panel, with prizes to be won! Ideas and solutions to improve and or expand community communication and connectedness will focus on practical, scalable and implementable solutions, designed to benefit the local community. Student Participants will also have access to a 15-minute, one-on-one career coaching session with a Mentor Booth Specialist.

Find out more about what's involved in a Paddl Games here👇

What are Paddl Games?
Discover how Paddl Games drive innovation, growth, upskilling and employment opportunities for emerging talent and industry.

✋ How to Participate

Student Participants:

Students, graduates trainees and PhDs from all backgrounds, skillsets and types of lived experience are encouraged to register via using their Paddl Experience Profile. is your place to capture and record and discover and apply for different experiences. The Paddl Experience Profile is designed to showcase your unique range of lifelong learning activities, providing deeper understanding of your skills and capabilities.

Find out more and apply for the Challenge here👇

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Benefits include...

✅ Work in a diverse team with students from different Educators

✅ Learn how to use and apply practical skills for innovation and design thinking

✅ Develop crucial skills and equip yourself to work and learn in a virtual world

✅ Contribute to growth and innovation in your local region

✅ Build your professional network with businesses and government

✅ Gain invaluable industry exposure

Business Participants

  1. Take away practical solutions you can implement. Share in the IP of any ideas any team develops over the duration of the Challenge.
  2. Build new and or deeper networks with diverse thinkers committed to innovation and community connectivity in your local council region.
  3. Take away media content and ideas of the entire experience for your own practice, business, marketing, social posts and records.
  4. Gain exposure to effective virtual platforms, facilitation of virtual teams and events, and design sprint and hackathon methodologies.

If you represent a business or organisation in one of the 5 listed council regions, please contact us at the below details:
+61 3 9514 3000

Emmanuelle Bacash

One of the infinite learners of the Paddl Academy Team! A marketing comms grad embracing the new and virtual world of work 🌐 Passionate about writing, languages and travel ✍🏻 🦜 ✈️

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