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Kick Start your ESG Innovation Culture + Save 20% (EOFY)

@ Paddl May 31, 2022

Paddl offers businesses an effective, fast and fun way to define ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) goals with their employees and key stakeholders.

Paddl Games are one-day innovation challenges, that leverage a simple design thinking methodology enabling diverse teams (no innovation experience necessary) to identify and tackle challenges, define and develop solutions, and upskill in new ways of working and problem-solving with the support and guidance of their team’s professional facilitator.

Every trading business large or small must have an ESG plan in place ASAP. Paddl helps you get started, engages your employees and keeps them innovative and tech-savvy every step of the way. Paddl recommends and or works with your preferred ESG consultants and advisers to ensure innovation is aligned with your company strategy.

Paddl's clients have successfully used this model for innovative solutions in environmental sustainability, renewable energy, green hydrogen, waste management, smart cities, green development & construction, sustainable packaging, disability & inclusion just to name a few.

Kick start your ESG journey NOW!

This offer provides a private learning & development Workspace for your team in, and comes with our very own "Innovation Essentials" Program, which supports ongoing design thinking, new tech and communication skills with short and engaging live sessions for 12 months.

ESG Kick Starter Bundle

1x Virtual Innovation Challenge - Save 20%
Normally @ $11,000 per team (min 5 Teams)
Save 20% @ $8,800 per team

Paddl Business Subscription (12 Months)
@ $18 per month per employee p/year

Save 20% on a virtual innovation challenge when you bundle a 12-month Paddl for Business Subscription for a minimum of 30 employees. Pricing is determined by the number of participants included in your Innovation Challenge and Business Subscription.

Virtual Paddl Games

1x Virtual Innovation Challenge
@ $10,000 per team (no minimum)

Offer available until June 30, 2022

Talk to us about your innovation plans today:
Dominique Fisher, CEO
phone: 0409 800 088

Make your Paddl Business Subscription a tax deduction (Australia Only).

Anything you spend with Paddl may be eligible as a business tax deduction. The Australian Government is developing tax incentives for businesses investing in technology adoption and skills & training.

We recommend investigating to see if your Business can participate in these programs to save on your innovation and upskilling expenses with Paddl.

Small Business Technology Investment Boost and Small Business Skills and Training Boost
The Australian Government announced the Small Business Technology Investment Boost and the Skill and Training Boost in the 2022–23 Budget.


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