The Paddl ESG Challenge 2022

Jun 9, 2022

SAVE THE DATE Wed 17th and THURS 18th August 2022

How green is your supply chain?

ESG is an approach used to measure the sustainability of a company in three specific categories: Environmental, Social and Governance.

These three words can mean something different to every company depending on its size, sector and even values. Today, every business, especially those with tangible (and increasingly intangible) supply chains, must include a risk assessment for each and determine what changes need to be made and by when to meet legal and community expectations.

Modern slavery and sustainable procurement audits, packaging and carbon footprint reporting are examples of a new layer of compliance businesses need to embrace. Some are legal requirements others soon will be as the global economy moves to play its part in addressing unsustainable practices in the world’s supply chains.

Historically, the supply chains of most businesses have been opaque but over the last decade, large organisations have increasingly turned their attention to ensuring transparency and compliance at every link in their supply chains. It's not easy though, even Nike in 2022 is still haunted by suggestions of forced labour in the making of its famous footwear and apparel, despite its statements to the contrary.

Australia is strengthening its position on forced labour too with the Modern Slavery Act (2018) being reviewed and over $4m in funding provided to strengthen compliance in this area and the Australia Border Force, the Australian Federal Police and Home Affairs are gearing up to deal with the import and export of goods that breach … now ‘green washing’ is even a thing! … and then there are net-zero emissions targets to deal with … changes to packaging …  single-use plastic bans and on and on it goes!!

So where do you even start, especially if you are a small to medium business?  

Paddl is partnering with our friends at Ethical Trade Alliance and ImportExporttv (a 24/7 streaming channel for global trade and supply chains) to bring together a wide range of organisations and specialists in ESG and environmental sustainability for a day of discovery - how green is your supply chain?

We will help you identify what ESG for your business and sustainability issues you may have, how to prioritise them, consider how you will measure and verify your progress and who can help you along the way.  

Paddl will help you form a team dedicated to your business or join up with others in your supply chain and consider these issues together.

It wouldn't be a Paddl Challenge if you didn't have the opportunity to book a session in a Mentor Booth, promote jobs you have on offer, be supported every step of the way AND win Prizes to help make that implementation a little easier!  

Now is the time for all businesses to consider ESG risks including carbon footprint, packaging, and enforced labour risks to name a few and to set a plan for the future. The best way to address ESG risks is to be willing to collaborate and just get started! We will help you make that first step!   (Remember everything we do at Paddl has  immediate focus - what you can achieve in the next 12 months.)

We are just finalising what support we can secure to make this as affordable as possible. I will regularly update our participants and sponsors here.

Dominique Fisher
Co-founder & CEO
Paddl Co.

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