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Customer Stories Jan 31, 2019

Paddl's talent services supported Australia Post to find and hire the very best graduates for its two-year Australia Post Graduate Program. Starting in 2019, this Graduate Program offers rotations structured around different streams, tailored to develop adaptable, big picture thinkers.  

Ensuring candidates were recognised for their skills and capabilities, Australia Post worked with Paddl to offer an innovative recruitment process that included the Australia Post Graduate Assessment Day.

Smiling Australia Post graduate

Too often, we see highly talented people overlooked for a lack of relevant experience. Here at Paddl, we believe in unlocking opportunity for emerging talent by helping to create a community that recognises all experience is valuable.

Modern tools, filters, resumes and processes only value a fraction of a person’s experience. We are more than our education and work.

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Paddl’s founders reflect and reaffirm our mission in a time of dramatic change to the way the world works and learns.

✍️ Paddl's assessment process surfaces talent

The Paddl Talent team shared the graduate opportunity with Australia Post on, in search of diverse future talent. Candidates applied using their Paddl Experience Profile.

The Paddl Experience Profile captures an applicant's everyday learning and provides deeper analysis into their experience and capabilities.

Paddl's inclusive talent services then assess individuals based on their demonstration of skills.

✅ Submit application via

✅ Applicants to pass 10 screening questions

✅ Shortlisted applicants to undergo a phone screen

✅ Selected applicants attend the Australia Post Assessment Day

✅ Skills-based assessment by Paddl's Talent team & Australia Post employees

✅ Paddl makes recommendations for new hires

Seven challenge participants at Paddl's Australia Post assessment day
Participants at the Australia Post Graduate Assessment Day

🔢 The Numbers

  • 350+ expressed interest in the 2019 Australia Post Graduate Program
  • 198 applications received from students at 30 Australian universities
  • 143 applicants shortlisted after completing an initial screening
  • 42 applicants selected to attend the Australia Post Assessment Day
  • 12 recommended new hires
  • 6 graduates successfully placed in the 2019 Australia Post Graduate Program
"The day was great! It was interactive and fun, we got to work in small teams to address a problem given to us by the company. Don’t get me wrong, the day was intense and a struggle at times to get the work done before the deadlines, but well worth the experience." Vanessa Collins, Participant & Australia Post Graduate 2019
Vanessa Collins | Paddl
View Vanessa Collins’s experience profile on Paddl, the world’s first skills and experience marketplace. Vanessa has 3 activities, login to see them all.

🎯 Talent Outcomes

Taking into consideration Paddl's recommendations, Australia Post successfully placed six of Paddl's diverse emerging talent in the Graduate Program - two in the Finance & Commercial Services stream and four in the Business Generalist stream.

Smiling challenge participant at Paddl and Australia Post assessment day
Vince Cogliandro, Participant and 2019 Australia Post Graduate
"What separated my Paddl experience from those with other organisations is that we had the opportunity to network with some great individuals from Australia Post throughout the day. They were able to provide experience from their different roles and business units, which clarified that Australia Post this is the organisation that I want to start my career with. It also reaffirmed for me that Australia Post cares so much about the wider environment in which it operates." Vince Cogliandro, Participant and 2019 Australia Post Graduate

Australia Post is all about creating value by empowering a skilled, diverse and engaged workforce. With Paddl, the team at Australia Post have been able to source talented new hires with demonstrated future skills, ready to step into the Graduate Program and start having a real impact.

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