Announcing the National Innovation Games

Academy Sep 10, 2019

In partnership with the Hon. Karen Andrews, MP, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, the Department of Industry Science, Energy and Resources and the Council of Small Business Australia (COSBOA), Paddl Co. is proud to take Paddl Games Australia-wide with the National Innovation Games.

Let the National Innovation Games begin
The first National Innovation Games took place on the Gold Coast on 21 August 2019. A great opportunity to find new solutions to business challenges!

The series of up to 30 innovation Games will visit every state and territory over the next two years to support Australia's ecosystem of business, industry, government and education. The National Innovation Games will provide students and graduates with crucial industry exposure and experience, support small-to-medium business development and drive innovation and upskilling in STEM.

The Virgin Australia National Innovation Games: Gold Coast Launch

The Hon. Karen Andrews, MP, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology launched the first National Innovation Games on August 21st, 2019 in her home constituency of the Gold Coast.

The Hon. Karen Andrews, MP, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Virgin Australia National Innovation Games, Gold Coast

This inaugural Games was held in partnership with Challenge Sponsor Virgin Australia. The Games supported local Queensland businesses in better managing waste to reduce Australia’s landfill.

Queensland students and graduates, business participants and industry experts ideated sustainable solutions for Australia's growing waste problem. This was a fantastic opportunity to develop the talents of our future leaders, as well as support STEM-focused innovation among local Queensland businesses.

"We want to unite people around issues that are important to them. We want our small businesses to grow and to thrive and we want them to innovate. We want them to look at new materials, new systems, new procedures. The National Innovation Games ticks so many boxes. They bring together small businesses and researchers, focusing on real world issues." The Hon. Karen Andrews, MP, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology.

🔢 By Numbers

  • Over 70 student and graduate participants from the 9 Queensland-based Educators participated.
  • 10 local and small-to-medium businesses came together with waste management and sustainability experts.
  • 10 teams ideated 10 solutions that will help businesses better manage Australia's growing waste problem.

Watch the Challenge recap here 👇

🚀 What are Paddl Games?

Paddl Games are one-day, hackathon-style events, where students and graduates work alongside local businesses, major corporations and industry professionals, to innovate solutions to real business challenges.

What are Paddl Games? I Paddl Blog
Discover how Paddl Games drive innovation, growth, upskilling and employment opportunities for emerging talent and industry.

✋ How to Participate

Student Participants

Students, graduates, trainees and PhDs are encouraged to apply for the National Innovation Games via using their Paddl Experience Profile. is your place to capture and record and discover and apply for different experiences. The Paddl Experience Profile is designed to showcase your unique range of lifelong learning activities, providing deeper understanding of your skills and capabilities.

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We embrace a diverse range of skill sets, backgrounds and talent to ensure an open and inclusive experience. No prior experience is required!

First Place Winners, Virgin Australia National Innovation Games, Gold Coast.

Benefits include...

✅ Work in a diverse team with students from different Educators

✅ Learn how to use and apply practical skills for innovation and design thinking

✅ Develop crucial skills and equip yourself to work and learn in a virtual world

✅ Contribute to growth and innovation in your local region

✅ Build your professional network with businesses and government

✅ Gain invaluable industry exposure

🤝 Business Participants

  1. Take away practical solutions you can implement in your business.
  2. Build new and or deeper networks with emerging talent and diverse thinkers committed to innovation.
  3. Take away media content and ideas of the entire experience for your own practice, business, marketing, social posts and records.
  4. Gain exposure to effective virtual platforms, facilitation of virtual teams and events, and design sprint and hackathon methodologies.

It’s a rewarding day of collaboration that will deliver results. If you represent a business or organisation that would like to participate, please contact us at the below details.
+61 3 9514 3000

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